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Our Story

Where it all began!

About Us


We are a group of off-roading enthusiasts who love camping overnight in Al Qudra desert and the rocky mountains of Fujairah but going on excursions with friends was not enough as we wanted to share the same joy with our family too. 

However, the unavailability of basic amenities in the sand dunes made it impractical to be away from the comfort of our home for longer periods of time. Mothers of infants and toddlers and our aged mothers refused to spend the night in the midst of breathtaking views and the precious pleasant weather because they didn’t have access to toilets! 

We were left with a feeling of unfulfillment which in turn motivated us to fill this gap by making our very own portable toilets to be used at campsites.  In the process, we realized that this was a shared concern for most of us because as citizens and residents of the UAE, camping in sand dunes is our most cherished outdoor activity! 

We hope that our user-friendly and cost-effective toilets make your camping experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

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Our Company Headquarters

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